Flight Physicals New York City

Announcement:  Randolph Rosarion M.D. (AME) is performing Class 2 and Class 3 FAA pilot physicals at his office in College Point, Queens, New York.   If you are a new pilot or renewing your license please visit Flight Physical  for information regarding the flight physical examination and how to get started with your application process to undergo the FAA medical.  Once you complete the online application bring your confirmation number to our office so that we may begin your physical exam.  For additional information regarding the different types and classes of medical certification for pilots and  FAA airman medical requirements, please visit What pilots should know about the FAA airman medical certification.

If you are in the NYC area please call us at 718-701-5949 or visit our website for additional information to book your physical.  For a limited period of time our flight physicals will be offered at a discounted rate.


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